Your home may expand with your family through refurbishment or house addition, without the need for the family to relocate. Our dedicated and experienced team of consultants, building designers, draughtsmen, engineers, interior décor advisors, and administrative staff can combine their expertise and creative skills to help you realise your home improvement dreams.

New Homes

Customer service, workmanship, and project management are all priorities at Levitt Building Construction. We spend time listening to what our clients want and working to create sustainable houses with character and design, as well as technical advancements for the future. We can construct from your blueprints, provide a complete design and build, or add on to an existing property at an affordable price.


Levitt Building Construction are experts in house expansions that provide comfort while also adding a stylish element to your property. Small-scale single-room renovations to full-level contemporary house expansions are all possible with house extensions and upgrades. Every project is different but we will work closely with each of our customers to ensure that their project stays within their budget.


Every aspect of your home remodelling is taken care of when you deal with Levitt Building Construction, from design to council permission to construction and decoration. Before any construction begins, the Levitt Building Construction team will present you with a fixed-quote and timetable so you know exactly what to anticipate.